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E-Learning Training Courses

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Training Package on GeneXPERT MTB/RIF
Wblink to Global Laboratory Initiative that has a training program for the Gene Xpert testing for MTB. In multiple langauges. Per50-01
Sysmex Webinars Continuing Education Weblink
Audit Reference - Organization and Personnel - Per50-ND -Weblink to e-learning for Sysmex
Medical Training Solutions Website
Audit reference: Organization and Personnel Section - Weblink to a site that has online training and competency modules for laboratory personnel. Contact your SMILE representative for DAIDS sponsored enrollment. Per40-ND
GCLP elearning Modules
Audit Reference - Orgnaization and Personnel - Weblink to DAIDS GCLP elearning modules - Per50-ND
Global Health Laboratories
Online professional community designed for laboratory researchers and staff to exchange resources, knowledge and experience. Per50-ND

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