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Anatomical Pathology

A Pragmatic Approach to Formalin Safety in Anatomical Pathology
Audit Reference - Personnel Safety and Physical Facilities - Weblink to an article on Formalin safety in AP - Pro612-04
Breathing Zone Chart for Formaldehyde Levels
Link to web site AFOS document for Formaldehyde levels - Pro612-06
Test on Formaldehype Levels for the AFOS Ventilated Specimen Table
Weblink to AFOS site for Formaldehype levels. - Pro612-08
Pre-Microscopic Examination Specimen Handling Guidelines in the Surgical Pathology Laboratory
Audit Reference - Specimen Transport and Management - Web link to document on both CAP and NSH on handling surgical specimens - Pro612-09
Ventilation in the Histopathology Laboratory
Audit Reference - Physical Facilities and Personnel Safety Section - Weblink to a page on the AFOS website - Pro612- ND
Formaldehye Vapor Monitor
Audit Reference - Personnel Safety - Weblink to a formaldehye vapor monitor - Pro612-ND
Anatomy-Histology Tutorial Web Site
CAP Practival Guide to Gynecologic Cytolpathology
Weblink on CAP for atlas on cytology Pro612-ND

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