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All of the web links and documents that are available on this site undergo a scheduled review for accuracy and relevance. The current documents and links were last reviewed in August 2017.

All documents are intended as examples and must be revised to accurately reflect your lab’s specific processes and/or specific protocol requirements. Users are directed to countercheck facts when considering their use in other applications.

Please feel free to contact us at with suggestions, comments, and items for submission; or if there are any issues with links or documents.

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Selectra E Brochure
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Weblink to get a brochure on the vital Scienitific Selectra - Equ61-02
Abbott Diagnostics: Clinical Chemistry Learning Guide
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Website for Abbott Chemistry instruments Equ61-13
Abbott iSTAT
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Weblink to information on the Abbott iSTAT - Equ61-ND
Unit Conversion Table
Weblink to site for conversion of Chemistry tests between SI and US units. 61-ND
Creatinine Clearance Formula and Estimated Creatinine Clearance
Up to Date - Creatinine Clearance
Weblink on Calculation of Creatinine Clearance Article Pro61-ND
Creatinine Clearance Formula Template
Creatinine clearance formula from Cornell University-Pro61-ND
File PDF document Cobas Integra 400 Troubleshooting
Audit reference: Equipment Section
File Microsoft Word Document Chemistry - Guideline for Establishing QC Ranges and use of CV.
Audit reference: Test and Control Articles Section

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