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Selectra E Brochure
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Weblink to get a brochure on the vital Scienitific Selectra - Equ61-02
Abbott Diagnostics: Clinical Chemistry Learning Guide
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Website for Abbott Chemistry instruments Equ61-13
Abbott iSTAT
Audit reference: Equipment Section - Weblink to information on the Abbott iSTAT - Equ61-ND
Unit Conversion Table
Weblink to site for conversion of Chemistry tests between SI and US units. 61-ND
Creatinine Clearance Formula and Estimated Creatinine Clearance
Up to Date - Creatinine Clearance
Weblink on Calculation of Creatinine Clearance Article Pro61-ND
Creatinine Clearance Formula Template
Creatinine clearance formula from Cornell University-Pro61-ND
File PDF document Cobas Integra 400 Troubleshooting
Audit reference: Equipment Section
File Microsoft Word Document Chemistry - Guideline for Establishing QC Ranges and use of CV.
Audit reference: Test and Control Articles Section

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