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BD Product Center CLSI Procedure on CT and GC-CT DNA Assay testing.
Weblink to get three SOP on CT-GC DNA Assays. Pro611-02,03
BD ProbeTec™ ET Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Amplified DNA Assays for use on the BD Viper™ System
weblink to Package inserts - Pro611-04
Immunology Sampling Manual
Audit Reference - Test Facilities Operations - Sample manual for samples for immunology - Pro611-08
Learning Guide to Immunoassays
Weblink to a learning guide on Abbott site. Pro611-09
Troubleshooting Tips for Western Blot Assay
Pro611-ND: Troubleshooting Tips for Western Blot Assay
Western Blot Protocol Summary
Pro611-ND: Theory behind western blot assay with pictures

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