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All of the web links and documents that are available on this site undergo a scheduled review for accuracy and relevance. The current documents and links were last reviewed in August 2017.

All documents are intended as examples and must be revised to accurately reflect your lab’s specific processes and/or specific protocol requirements. Users are directed to countercheck facts when considering their use in other applications.

Please feel free to contact us at with suggestions, comments, and items for submission; or if there are any issues with links or documents.

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File Microsoft Word Document Manual Urinalysis Microscopic Exam
Audit reference: Test and Control Section
File Microsoft Word Document Urinalysis Microscopy Procedure-SOP
Audit reference: Testing Facilities Operation Section
False-Negative Results in POC Qualitative hCG Devices due to Excess hCG β Core Fragment
Audit reference - Test and Control Section - Weblink to an article on False Negative results on UhCG testing devices. Pro68-12
False-Negative Results from POCT hCG Devices Caused by Excess hCGβ Core Fragment Vary with Device Lot Number
Audit reference - Test and Control Section - Weblink to an question on an article on False Negative results on UhCG testing devices. Pro68-13
Multistix 9 and Uristix POCT SOP
- Link to SOP by UCSF Medical Center for Multistix 9 and Uristix POCT - Pro68-14
10% Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) Vaginal Wet Mount SOP
Web link to University of California SOP for KOH Vaginal Wet Mount SOP- Pro68-17
Web linkd for SDS for KOH - Pro68-17 App A
Clinitest hCG testing on the Clinitek Status analyzer achieves clinical performance and sensitivity criteria: An internal validation study
Weblink to a article on Siemens site for Clinitek instrument- Pro68-21
Microscopy Competency/Training for Clinic-Based Providers for Vaginitis
Weblink to a training on microsopy for vaginitis - Pro68-23
Vaginitis PowerPoint
Weblink to Columbia College PowerPoint on Vaginitis - Pro68-24
Clinitek HCG SOP
Weblini to ARIA Health SOP for Clinitek - Pro68-26
Clinitek Status Operator Manual
weblink to Clinitek Manaul on Bayer HealthCare - Pro68-27
A Handbook of Routine Urinalysis (Paperback) weblink to a SMILE recommended Urinalysis testing resource available for purchase. Pro68-ND
Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Paperback) weblink for a SMILE recommended resource on urinalysis and body fluids - available for purchase. Pro68-ND
Urine Specimens-An Overview
Pro68-ND: Guidance for handling urine specimens
Wet Prep Video
Web link to a video on YouTube developed by Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center for basic instructions on preparing and examining vaginal wet preps. - Pro68-ND

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